Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children’s Day - May 5th

On Tuesday Maarten picked me up to go to Atlas Copco’s program in South Korea. They support an after school program for children of single parents. The kids are kept busy with homework and after school activities. They get diner as well.
There are about twenty kids, boys and girls. Maarten and his boss, Alan, had to take part in a game. They had to sit down, while the teacher would hold a paper with an English word above their heads. The kids, in their best English, would give a description and it was up to Alan or Maarten to guess the word.
They both did very well. The only hard ones where the words ‘train’ and ‘dog’. Apparently Korean noises are not the same as Belgian or English noises. Maarten had ‘train’ and the boy hinted ‘Tomas’ but Maarten never had heard of a train called Tomas. Which reminds me I still have to show him a picture of Tomas the train. Maarten has never been a nanny obviously …

Thursday Maarten had the day off for Children’s Day. Tresta had arrived from Australia on Wednesday. On her way back to the US she stopped in Seoul and stayed with us for five days. With Tresta the good weather arrived as well.
Wednesday evening we were able to have diner outdoors in a restaurant in Itaewon!
Thursday we visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which I hadn’t visited before. We were just in time to join for the English tour. Although I must say I really have issues with the English Korean. Am much better at Hinglish than Konglish?!
We strolled around Bukcheon and Insadong as well.

Thanks to Tresta we have some pics of Maarten and I together.

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