Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lotus Lantern Festival 2011.

After sleeping in and Maarten’s famous omelette we took the subway to pick up my sewing machine.
To drop it off at the house and meet Tresta in Nandaemun Market where we enjoyed eating sushi on the top of the Shinsegae Department Store. We walked towards the Jogyesa Temple, where people were getting ready to join the Lantern Parade. We were given lanterns and found a spot to watch the Parade. Which never seemed to end! 100.000 lanterns were lit and passed through Seoul. Very impressive!

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We ended the great day at Little India. An Indian restaurant we found in Insadong, near the Temple.
Did Maarten miss the Indian food so much? No no, I don’t think so, as they also had hookahs! That really made his day. The restaurant has quite a good atmosphere but the food was not so great I thought.

On Sunday Maarten won the second price (of forty prices) in the Lantern Making Contest.
An activity for foreigners. What a work! You had to make 80 pallets (you had to wet your fingers with glue and make the pallet tops sharp by twisting it around at least three times with the glue) to stick upon the lantern. And I do not like the feeling of dried glue on my fingers, let me tell you that!
Maarten totally went for it. Lots and lots of Koreans took pictures of him. I totally understand and agree as he was of course the most handsome foreigner there. But then again I am not totally objective when it comes that.
We didn’t plan to attend the awarding ceremony but while strolling through the street which was filled with activities and stands around Buddhism, Maarten felt he had to go back because he would win a price. And voila, he won! Now he can dress himself up in a Korean Buddhist trousers and shirt. I like it!

From Collages

We ended the day by eating a dongatse. Typically Korean pork, very tasty! So in the end Tresta had experienced a lot of Korean and Japanese food: sushi, Korean bbq (we found a great place across our apartment), dongatse, … Never met anyone who likes kimchi that much! Respect Tresta!
Tresta left that same evening. We wish her safe travels home!

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