Sunday, May 1, 2011

Celebrating Queens Day

Joining a Dutch Club has its advantages for sure.
Through them, we got invited to go to the reception at the Dutch ambassador’s house. We dressed up a bit and off we went.
In the garden there was a huge tent, in the colors of the Netherlands. A buffet was set up on each side of the garden. There even were ‘Hollandse maatjes’ and ‘bitterballen’ and Gouda cheese! Maarten drank Heineken and felt like a real Dutch guy. We loooooooooved the bitterballen and meeting other people.

As our country doesn’t have a government, it’s probably no wonder our embassy doesn’t have events like that …

The following Sunday the Hamel Club came together in Samcheong Park again. Luckily it was warmer than the week before. The kids played Dutch Folk games. Every one was wearing something orange. Can you find Maarten with the cool huge orange glasses he borrowed from Leontien?

Pictures you can find here and here.

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