Saturday, April 21, 2012

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I started sewing last year, with our wedding in sight.
As we wanted to give our guests a little thank you item at the wedding in stead of the thank you picture you normally send out after a couple of weeks. We wanted to make it as personal as possible. But we couldn't find anything ready made which we could relate to.

So a (great) friend of ours made a drawing of us - Korean style. I searched the net and found MUS. The lady behind this turned the drawing into a wonderful stamp. Which we used on the envelopes and our thank you items. Thanks to the VersaCraft ink pad this worked out really well.

The women went home with either a notebook, a pocket tissue holder, or a zipper pouch.
For the guys we had a keychain bottle oppener made. With the same 'logo' and our wedding date.
The kids got (bought) finger puppets (either a Korean girl and boy, Korean mum and dad, or a Korean grandma and granddad) with some candy, and they all got a crayon or pencil roll to keep them busy at diner. The babies got to take a rattle home.

Quickly scrolling through our pictures resulted in realizing we don't have any of the items made, except these. What a pity!

For a handmade personalized stamp I would highly recommend MUS. Precise and detailed work, quick delivery, smooth and nice communication. Her home and family were also featured in one of the books of 'Edition de Paris', which was translated in Korean. On request, I happily sent her some copies. 'Edition de Paris' is very popular here in Korea. Every (bigger) bookshop sells the Korean and Japanese versions.


  1. Leuk idee en vele leuker om te krijgen dan die foto's, inderdaad :-)

  2. Het is een schoon afbeeldingske geworden. Zo te lezen heb je ook voor ieder een aangepast cadeautje voorzien en dan met deze stempel dat zal wel voldoening gegeven hebben.
    gr ria


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