Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to make a Korean nurse run!

Last Friday: our yearly medical check up in Korea.

No gastroscopy this year. Thank God. As I vividly remember how that went last year. 
Oh no wait: that's incorrect. I don't remember at all. We were so sedated, I can't even recall how we put our clothing back on, paid the bill etc ..Scary!

As always very sexy in our outfits:

Koreans are well known for their efficiency. With your badge you check into every exam.
Maarten's name came up in English, mine only in Korean. Joke Vemische!
The look on the nurses their faces as they called out our names and realized we were foreigners. Pure horror! Poor them. Luckily you don't need to know a lot of languages when it comes to medical examinations - just the knowledge when or when not to undress. Okay, I admit: made some mistakes there, but hey ... at least that made the nurses smile!

Maarten waiting patiently.
Thorax RX room

I also made a nurse run very hard. You see ... Having mammograms taken isn't really high on my 'thingsIreallyloveinlife -list'. Last year, I had to have one, as it was part of the package (A). This year, I was to have another package (B) plus a repeat of some exams of last year as they had found some issues they had to keep an eye on. I was totally fine with that of course. Better safe than sorry and all of that, you know. 
This year however, I came prepared! So when the nurse made me undress, held my breast in her hands, respositioned it several times and stuffed it between those crushing plates (who invented that thing?!), and she slowly started walking towards her 'takethepicturebutton', I did not start calling her names in my mind, but just loudly said: '빨리빨리 ' 'pali,pali' which means 'hurry, hurry'. Oh boy, did she run! I instantly forgot the pain.

Maarten's package didn't have a mammo of course, he had an extensive heart exam where he was told by the nurse that he had 'a beautiful heart'. Mark my word: I have to keep an eye on every Korean girl. Even in medical exams they are flirting with him!

Free coupon for a drink and cake.
Every Korean coffee stand looks stylish, even here!

One and a half hour later, we were done. Maarten even half an hour sooner than I was. 
Did I already tell you Koreans realize the importance of efficiency?! These exams would have taken days in Belgium! And we had a good laugh as well, plus free coffee and cake, to compensate the fact you have to come in on an empty stomach. 
So ... when is our appointment next year?!

PS 1: I keep thinking: I have 'huge' breasts over here, how on earth do they squeeze Korean sized breasts (AAAAA) into that machine?

PS 2 : I still feel my breasts, I am telling you!


  1. Hilarisch Joke!!

    Ik zie die zuster al rennen :))

  2. G.e.w.e.l.d.i.g verslag! Ik zie het zo voor me!

  3. Medische check-up?? Is dat daar verplicht voor iedereen?

  4. Hallo Joke...Mooi model van 'n Koreaanse pyama. Kun je niet zelf aan een produktielijn beginnen?:-)


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