Thursday, June 14, 2012

I made a little goodbye gift.

It all started with the tablecloth I made for the Dutch Hamel Club.
She is moving to China, so that deserves a personal goodbye gift as well.
Because she is a very good friend, and I will miss her too much.
Okay, okay, that's enough. Otherwise I will start crying again.

Anyway, it started with the tablecloth. 
I thought matching napkins would be great.
Those needed a nice ribbon with a buttonhole and a button of course.
(Why was I afraid of using that function on my sewing machine?!)
Then I thought some matching pillows would finish the whole package. 
So I made four of them.
One for each member of the family.
But then again, pillows for the girls?They deserve better. 
So I whipped up these fabric covered notebooks.
So their friends can write their wishes and memories down and when the girls are sad and a bit homesick for their 'Korean' friends, they can look at it .. 
And be happy again.

One thing led to another.
If I continue like this, I will never finish the to sew list.
I think.
I am pretty sure.

Anyway, it was a big hit - yihaa!

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