Sunday, March 25, 2012

Namsan Tower

Still hadn't visited Namsan Tower.  Maarten often cycles it up and down.  And had visited it with his sister Kaat while she was here.  
Thought the weather was nice.  However while climbing, it started to snow and I must say, it was rather cold.  We are longing for Spring.  End of March and max 6 degrees.  What a difference with the weather in Pune, India! 
People hang locks to symbolize their eternal love.  We didn't.  Oops!

We ended up in Nandaemun, Shinsegae, where we patiently looked at the passing sushi.  Green plates seem to be our favorite ones.  So we ate plenty of those. The day ended with a cycling tour (Maarten), some sewing (Joke) and 'The Vow' at the cinema (both). A perfect day!

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