Saturday, March 31, 2012

Color + fabrics = instant happiness.

As it was a grey but warm day (this is the weather combination in Korea, either warm and grey or ice cold and sunny) yesterday, I went to Dongdaemun to get some stuff.  
I needed thread, some cord, some zippers, etc ... All to finish some projects. 
Lots and lots of babies were born/on the way, so gifts have to be made. 
Noodleheads, blankets, fabric name frames, baprons, diaper pouches, ... and the one that gives me headache: a pack and go beach blanket/tote (the idea is great, but I have been adjusting and adjusting and adjusting ...)

I left the house too late, so by the time I arrived at Dongdaemun, it was already crowded. 
After 30 minutes I was already fed up with being bumped into. 
I wasn't focused enough either to find what I needed. 
So I ended up buying some fabric, to start/complete the ideas in my head. 
Look at the colors, isn't that instant happiness?

"Dear fabrics, please dry fast, so I can iron you and start cutting and sewing."

Luckily I bought some plastic coated fabric, which doesn't need any washing nor drying :)

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