Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Theo's gift set

Sam, my lovely friend, whom I met in Vashist, India, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Theo. On top of that she got married to Jonathan a few weeks later and became Mrs Jennings. Unfortunately I couldn't attend their wedding in the UK, but I could however sent something nice. I found two yards of fabric I loved, and started planning. One idea became a whole bunch of  little gifts. 
I enjoyed creating it and while doing so, thought of the good moments I've spent with Sam in India and with Sam and JJ in Virginia in the summer of 2009. 

I hope Maarten can meet Sam and JJ in the near future. 
They are an amazing couple, both working for MSF, where Sam is an inspiring midwife. 
Here you can see her in action: http://delivers.msf.org.uk/
Sam, JJ and Theo will be moving to India, Delhi soon ...

Strong girls in Hot Rajasthan, India in May, June 2009

Visiting Sam and JJ in Virginia, USA, in September 2009

For Theo, all handmade, so he is ready to travel the world: diaper bag, diaper pocket, stuffed animal, bib, burp cloth, passport holder, light baby blanket, ... 

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