Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kaat in Seoul!

Maarten's sister came to visit us in Seoul.
Maarten took two days off from work to spend time with her.

They went hiking on the Bukhansan Mountain.
Where they were told they were not wearing the appropriate shoes.

They went cycling along the Han river.
Where they taught a Korean guy to take their picture without putting his finger on the lens.

They went cycling around Seoul, visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace and riding up hill towards the Namsan tower.
Where Maarten showed his skills as a navigator in Seoul and experienced guide.

They installed the sisha in the house and were anxiously awaiting the smoke alarm.
Luckily that didn't go off and brother and sister enjoyed their evening sisha!

Together we went bowling.
Where we learned we are definitely no professionals.
A swollen and bruised knee and sprained arms are proof of that.

Together we tried going to the Book City.
We ended up being washed away by rain.
And found out Book City wasn't that great.

We ate a lot: Korean bbq, bibimbap, dumplings, sushi, icecreeeeeeeeeeeeeeam, tacos, Greek, Italian at the Italian Club on Sunday, etc ...
Where we learned 'sharing is caring' and drank one coke with three straws.

We met Maarten's boss who was very impressed with Kaat and surprised us with a very nice diner.
And his humor.

Kaat also impressed an artist at the Hongdae Free Market. He was so mesmerized that he payed more attention to her and what she was saying than the actual drawing he was making.

We tested our singing skills at a fancy Karaoke Bar. Scored highs and lows.

We cursed the rain, enjoyed every ray of of sun, cursed the sewing machine, enjoyed when it did what it had to do, ... We loved every minute while she was here.

She is on her way back to Belgium right now. We hope she arrives safely!

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  1. Prachtig...Jullie hebben je goed geamuseerd . Kaat heeft een leuk verblijf en en een toffe reis achter de rug... Maar dat kan niet anders met toffe jongelui, lieve kinderen als Joke en Maarten en zussen Kaat en Jasmien en de verloofden en vrienden....

    paps René


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