Monday, April 4, 2011

Be careful what you wish for ...

Today is my birthday.
My 30th birthday.
I said the number.
I checked my hair in the mirror. Couln't find (too many) grey hairs.
Also checked the amount of wrinkles. Can live with it.

Maarten has to work late today.
So we are postponing my birthday celebration til later this week.
Decided to go for a stroll in the nice early spring sun.
Ended up in Kyobo where I looked through the whole arts and crafts section.

Walked back in deep thoughts.
When you turn 30 it's definitely time to do some deep thinking.
Well, not too deep, that's never good but still quite deep.
I thought of myself as a kid, a student, a traveler, a ...
Wondering how I ended up in Seoul, South Korea.
And also thinking about what exactly I want to do here.
On the spot I decided to 'just let it go' and 'have faith'.
I would meet more people.
Maybe make new friends.
I would find some nice things to do.

One whole minute later a woman starts talking to me.
I was plugged into my ipod (That's how everyone walks around here, and hey, it's all about settling in of course!) and did not hear her immediately.
Her question was if I were a English teacher. No I am not.
But your English is very good, she said.
She was looking for someone to teach English to her children.
As we talked some more, I found out she lives in our compound as well.
So we exchanged phone numbers. She wants to converse in English. I want someone who can teach me Korean.
Be careful what you wish for.
It can instantly be given to you!
And on top of that the lady said: you look so young, can I ask you your age?
Oh I like that new friend! Especially today!

Same as the story with the exercise bike.
Had been looking for a second hand exercise bike.
Or rather, I was looking for a new one but found out that they are way to expensive here.
Went through Craigslist, found second hand treadmills, and second hand exercise bikes, but still overpriced.
Oh well Joke thought, it would be nice to have a second hand exercise bike.
Next day checked Craigslist again and found: exercise bike - free - first one who sets a date to pick it up, can have it. Yihaaaaaa, turned out I was the first. So Sunday we went to pick up the exercise bike.
And guess what, I have been sitting on it already!

So yes, be very careful what you wish for. And what your thoughts are ...

Well, 30 doesn't seem too bad actually.
After living in Belgium, the US and India, I am living in Seoul, experiencing a new culture.
Sure of meeting new people, making new friends, finding nice things to do.
Together with a great guy. Who loves me for who I am.
Who doesn't try to change me.
Who surprises me and make me laugh.
Who challenges me and make me think positive thoughts.
Who will be my husband sometime in 2011.
And this is 'only' at the first day of being 30!
So much more to come! I think being 30 is great :)

And now I am going to turn the volume of the ipod up and start to prepare a delicious gluten free pizza!

Thanks for the many birthday wishes!

Love, Joke

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  1. Allerliefste Joke, dochter ende oudsgeborene ...

    Vermits ik je eeuwig jong wil houden , in de 20 , dicht of ver in de twintig speelt geen rol meer , ben ik zo vriendelijk geweest om zo lang mogelijk te wachten , nl. om te proberen de allerlaatste te zijn ,-geweldig moeilijk is dat - om jou te feliciteren met je ?0.(neen), vergeef me 20plus10 lentes..'t Is ook in mijn eigen belang hoor want ja ..ze zeggen dan dat als je ouder wordt , je vlug achteruit gaat . Als voorzorgsmaatregel word ik volgende week daarvoor geopereerd . Ze draaien mijn voeten achterste voren....Maar van iets anders gesproken :"Ge woont toch nog in Korea , niet in Vietnam?" Zie je ..dat is ouder worden....
    Dat is hier toch wel een superlieve attente verrassing , he van je paps....Allez, kom hier en PROFICIAT met je nieuwe voordeur, omdat je met tram 2plus1 meemag, graties en voor nieks nog wel gedurende 10jaren , als dat geen schoon kadoo is.
    Nog vele jaren , ergens op de planeet, samen met Maarten ..
    ( euh , joe understaand mie toch nog he ...'t is toch niet erg dat ik in 't Vlaams schrijf, he instid van in tkoreons of tingels . Doe not betray de Flemies roets tatis de kwestie-en...)
    Ik zend je dus wel een speciale klaargemaakte glutenvrije "beleetet"( vree belegen lik of da me zeggen) taart met 20plus10 kaarsjes om uit te blazen, evenveel knuffels en verjaardagszoenen van...
    Paps en Cie

    Enjoy the Happie burstdee keek


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