Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time flies ...

Weeks and weekends have passed.
Weekends unfortunately much faster than weeks.

In the beginning of our stay here our weekends were filled with practical things that had to be taken care of. Such as finding and buying a vacuum cleaner. One preferably not pink or purple. If you think this is easy in Korea, think twice!
We ended up buying the only black one in the store and the one that is capable of functioning on both 60 and 50 Hz.
Funny thing: when I vacuum here, I also have to wipe the whole vacuum clean as dust seems to easily attach itself to the vacuum cleaner. I thought India had a lot of dust. Forget that, Korea seems to have much more.
Or we are very dirty people, which I doubt.
Considering the fact that up till now there isn't much to actually make dirty. Our container has yet to arrive. Planned somewhere in April.We guess. We hope.
Recently our weekends have been more about exploring Seoul.
Seoul is huge I must say. Lots to discover. We are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Spring. Which should also happen somewhere in April. We guess. We hope.

We have discovered an Italian club which gets together on Sundays to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal.
Twice we have attended and wow, the food is so yummie! There are Italians (obviously) but also Germans, Americans, Canadians, ... Everyone seems to be attracted by the good food. We all sit at round tables, with people you mostly meet for the first time, and they broadcast the news on a big screen. You get three courses. I had to skip on the first as it's been lasagna and pasta but I must say: Maarten's plate was quickly empty, so it must have been very tasty. As main course we had some pork and last week we had stuffed chicken. Hmmm, I don't think I will loose weight in this country.

As we were chatting last week with the people around our table, we got invited to an exhibition of a fashion photographer. So we ended our Sunday with a coffee in Coffee Bene, surrounded by images of fashionably teenagers, women and men in funky Seoul. Oh and not to forget: we were asked to do a little interview by a freelancer for TBS Seoul 101.3 FM. We talked about being newly arrived in Seoul and our favorite K - pop song. Luckily Maarten listens to this station every day going to and coming from work, so he knew at least what K - pop was. They had told us it would be broadcasted today between 12 and 1 pm, but I didn't hear anything. Next week maybe?

Yesterday I had photography class. We went on a little field trip. To the Karsh Exhibition at the Sejon Cultural Center. After a guided tour and some time to explore the exhibition on ourselves we walked to an area I hadn' been yet. They had the cutest little vintage shops and coffee bars. Some had little terraces, nice to know for when it gets warmer! We ended up having a pizza in a little pizza house. The guy was just by himself and had a lot of work making our pizzas and salads. He probably is also deaf after yesterday. Ten women chatting and chatting like chickens ...
Next week no field trip but regular class. Where we learn to look at pictures, colours, compositions. I like going. I only have issues with finding my theme. I don't have to explain here that I do not have one theme, I am complex, one maze of themes. I do find it harder to take pictures here, just like in the US. I must say I do miss the colours of India. But guess what?

At the end of next week I have to leave Korea. Due to the all known visa issues I get to leave the country and visit Janneke and Toon in Hanoi, Vietnam! So one week of colourful pictures are awaiting me!
It will be very nice to spend some time with a friend, as I haven't made 'real' friends here yet ...
Patience is a virtue. A much needed one when you move from one country to another we noticed.
Luckily there is Gmail, Skype and Facebook. Ways to stay connected to family and friends spread all over the world. Oh and of course the ordinary mail: we received ASK's wedding invitiation last week and Sandra and Frank's two weeks ago. Nice to have some 'ordinary' mail as well!
Leen and Nele in Belgium both delivered their babies. Leen welcomed Anthe in February and Nele welcomed Carlijn this month. Can't wait to see and to hold them! Thanks to Facebook I saw some pictures already.

Next week it's my birthday. Recently have been freaking out about the idea of turning xx!
I used to think that was old. And that one should be really grown up by that time. Four more days to accomplish that. Pretty sure I can't do it ...

Thanks to Michel I am enjoying some gluten free cookies and bread straight from Belgium!
Thanks Michel for picking them up at the store and giving them to Jinhwa who brought them back here.

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  1. Goed dat je weet hoe 'n stofzuiger werkt! Ik heb een flashy blauwe... dat zal toch ook lukken! Indien akkoord, zal ik eens kijken of ik een visum voor je kan regelen... ;-)
    Doei doei!


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